“We edited the book as a 24 hour glimpse into the culture,” says Johan Kugelberg. “We take you from the projects to the studio to the strip club and back, all along with an on-going oral history narrative from the people of the culture.” “We see it as an immersion,” says Peter Beste. “The idea was always to provide an insight into the community of the arguably most powerful hip-hop scene in the world today.”

In 2016, it was reported internationally that Fenriz was elected as councilman of Kolbotn , Norway for four years after being called by the liberal political party Venstre and agreeing to be placed on its list. "Basically, they called and asked if I wanted to be on the list [of backup representatives]", he tells CLRVYNT. "I said yeah, thinking I would be like eighteenth on the list and I wouldn't really have to do anything. They just need a list to be able to – well, it's hard to talk local politics in another language". [2] His "campaign" consisted of posting signs of him holding his cat with the caption "Please Don't Vote For Me". [3] [4] While the story became popular in 2016, 2016 is not an election year in Norway, and Kolbotn doesn't have its own council. In reality, Fenriz became a vice-councilman in Oppegård council already in 2015. [5]

Bands: 1170
Tabs: 12821
Guitar: 8838
Bass: 956
Drum: 250
Keyboard: 20
Power Tab: 1093
Guitar Pro: 1664

Fenriz - Percussion, Satanic Poetry and Haunting Chants Zephyrus - Electric Rhythm Guitar Nocturno Culto - Lead Guitar and Voice (of The Night) Dag Nilsen - Session ...

To the ears of Darkthrone's Fenriz, who performed the guitar, bass and drums on the group's fourth LP, Transilvanian Hunger , the record is "die-hard monotony." "It's for those who are really fucked up," he told Decibel in 2009, "'cause there's not really any entertainment there." But there's a depth to the LP, which also features the growls of his bandmate, frontman Nocturno Culto. Fenriz built its atmosphere with cold, almost classical riffs, played through fuzzy distortion, at a constant, methodical mid-tempo, giving it a hypnotic quality. The paper-thin production, shredded by Fenriz's youthful inexperience and low-quality equipment (he recorded it on a 4-track in the band's own studio) makes it so the guitars sound tinny, the drums muffled, as if under frozen soil, and the bass is an elusive question mark. Transilvanian Hunger's raw, slapdash aesthetic subsequently served as ground zero for a legion of black-metal bands who copied the record's lo-fi approach, aiming to sound "grim." But the LP also courted controversy. Convicted murderer and Burzum frontman Varg Vikernes contributed some lyrics and cast a shadow over the record, which also initially bore the slogan "Norsk Arisk Black Metal" ("Norwegian Aryan black metal") before pressure from distributors led to its removal; the band later disavowed their earlier statements, calling them "disgusting." Conversation about the album has since reverted to being about the music. " Transilvanian Hunger [is] so fucking cold," Fenriz said in another interview . "The sound was fucking perfect." .

Nocturno Culto - The MisanthropeNocturno Culto - The MisanthropeNocturno Culto - The MisanthropeNocturno Culto - The Misanthrope